Turned upside down

My world is spinning all around,not sure of where I might land at all. One second everything is going great,then the next second,It’s falling apart. I’m 34 years old and it doesn’t seem that my life is going in the right direction. I know what I wanna do and I know what I need to do,but getting there is the hard part. I wanna dance professional,I know I’m great at it and I’m a fast learner. Just getting it started is the problem,not knowing where to go,who to ask and getting the help I need. As you all can see my world is upside down. I wanna go to Los Angeles California to the best schools around for extra help and teachinga.


Drinking superman Shots

Drinking superman Shots

This is me drinking superman shots and saying fuck the world.


I have feelings for a super famous british actor named Robert Pattinson. He changed my world when I watched the Twilight and I felt a instant connection to him. I’m 34 years old and I can’t stop dreaming and fantasing about the two of us together. I know that will never happen because I’m just a plain woman who is rich and famous.


Life is so good right now, I have an awsome job and a wonderful man. One who really loves me for me and for his dream fansty girl. Loving life getting married this year.


Everything started changing on March 19th, 2011 when my soon to be mother-n-law and I went to Aunt Patti’s house to make flowers for the wedding. We decided that it might be better to change the wedding to the camp. Well then we couldn’t get our date of july 23 rd for our wedding so we had to aslo change the date. I’ve been stressing out over that and weather or not we can even get camp neyati for our wedding. I really hope so because it will be so close to home and no worries of family members having another heart attack.  We are looking at august 26 th,27th and 28th for our new wedding date.